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Walk and Talk Consultation


The Home Stager will walk your home with you while you take detailed notes.  We will make recommendations to maximize your space and ensure your home is staged to sell.  After the walk through, you will complete the work yourself.  Once you have completed the work, the home stager will do a complimentary 30 minute walk through to tweak and complete the process. 

Occupied Homes

The home stager will provide a detailed, written proposal for an occupied home.  We will use your furnishings and décor, when possible, to professionally stage your house.  In the design process, we will optimize traffic flow and space to give your target buyer exactly what they want.  If necessary, we will include a quote to purchase or rent furnishings or accessories. 

Vacant Homes


Vacant doesn’t make it!  Most buyers cannot visualize how a space can be used.  Additionally, only 10% of the population can visualize an empty room with their own furnishings.  Photos of vacant homes do not drive showing activity in the same way as a well staged home.  Vacant homes also magnify flaws since there is less to focus on during prospective buyers home tour.  In today’s market, a staged home is more cost efficient than multiple price reductions.  We will stage the primary spaces to ensure your home sells quickly and for more money. 


We will come in and freshen up as needed.  This is the perfect solution for homeowners that do not live in the area.  We will come in and make sure the home remains set the way it was staged after prospective buyers tour the home.



The Key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.  We know your home is your sanctuary and work with you to create a place that is not only beautiful but is functional for your lifestyle as well.  We will help you determine your own unique style and show you how to decorate with confidence.  

Contract Coordinator

Let's be honest...Good contractors can be hard to find....  How many times have you been frustrated that a contractor did not show up or follow through with what they promised.  We work with the most reliable and best in the business.  Whether you are in need of minor repair to get your home market ready or you are looking to upgrade or add on to your existing home, we can help with the contractors.  

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